Fill out the intake form to get started. If you're reaching out for mentorship in the field, start with Patreon or our online course.

If you are reaching out to hire us for a project, consider some of the following questions to prepare for our exploratory call:

  • What study methods have you or others have tried in the past, if any? What were the challenges or successes with them?
  • What is the goal of the project specifically? For example, is the goal to find EVERY invasive plant, or a sampling of scats to try and look at specific lifestyle information, or any other specifics?
  • How large of an area are you hoping to survey? What other environmental factors may play into the fieldwork?
  • Do you have access to samples to start training the dogs with?
  • What funding options do you plan on pursuing?
  • If your target species is relatively rare, are there any other scats we could train the dogs to find as well that may be useful and help keep the dog’s motivation high? This strategy can also help open up additional funding by finding partnerships!