October 13, 2021

Off-Leash Etiquette and Ethics

Podcast Show Notes

In this episode of K9 Conservationists, Kayla Fratt talks about off-leash etiquette in order to keep your dogs, yourself, others, and the environment safe. Discussed in this Podcast: Off leash is a privilege and owners carry a responsibi...

September 15, 2021

Working with a Teenage Detection Dog


In this episode of K9 Conservationists, Kayla discusses what it is like working with a teenage dog and gives tips and tricks to get your young dog in the world of conservation work. Start small. Niffler searches in small plots, each sear...

August 20, 2021

Midseason Musings: 2021 Summer Update


We are halfway through our season of finding dead bats on wind farms. This work will help biologists understand trends in how the turbines affect bats, particularly during migration. I am handling Niffler for his first season as a K9 Con...

May 18, 2021

Sourcing Odor with Stacy Barnett

Podcast Show Notes

In this episode of K9 Conservationists, Kayla and Stacy Barnett discuss sourcing. They cover what sourcing is and all you need to know about sourcing and nose-work.  What is sourcing? Dogs driving to the highest concentration of odor It...

March 14, 2021

Can Any Breed be a Conservation Detection Dog?


Not every dog can cut it as a conservation detection dog. As we discussed in our article “Could My Dog Be a K9 Conservationist,” generally trainers look for dogs that are: High-drive and easily motivated by toys or food or both. Motivate...

February 3, 2021

What Is a Conservation Detection Dog?


Conservation detection dogs are dogs that are specially trained to sniff out odors related to conservation. They work similarly to bomb, drug, or Search and Rescue dogs – but instead of searching for accelerants, drugs, or missing people...

January 5, 2021

Could My Dog be a K9 Conservationist?


If you’ve recently learned what conservation detection dogs are, you may be wondering if your beloved Fluffy has what it takes to help protect the planet. Can Any Dog Be Trained to do Conservation Detection Work? Not just any dog can cut...