Bats and Wind Farms with Dr. Merlin Tuttle

In this episode of K9 Conservationists, Kayla talks to Dr. Merlin Tuttle about bats and wind farms.

Episode suggestion: Come to conversations ready to learn and ready to be curious. 

Merlin started his bat career as a teenager, has done field research on every continent where bats live, photographed hundreds of species, founded and led Bat Conservation International for 30 years (retiring in 2009) and has been a key force in changing the way the world perceives bats. Merlin is comfortable crawling deep into caves, lugging equipment through tropical jungles, or standing on a stage introducing the world to the Secret Lives of Bats.

Call to action: Research your utility company and ask about green energy options in your area.

  • More than 3 million bats a year are being killed by wind farms, none of which are labelled as endangered

What can listeners do to get more involved?

  • Be more knowledgeable about who you support. Ask them questions!
  • Reduce the power you use! 

“Why run animals to environmental irrelevance before doing anything?”

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