Our Work


Our mission is to provide expert dog-handler teams that help scientists collect the data they need. 

Our core values are collaboration, LIMA-based interactions, and enthusiasm for sharing knowledge about conservation detection dogs. 

We pride ourselves on creative solutions for challenging projects, top-notch dog welfare, and safety in the field.

What We Do

We train dogs to sniff out your data. From dead bats on wind farms to invasive insects on boat motors to the scat of IUCN Red List species in the wilderness, our teams are up to the challenge.

Our dog training methods are rooted in the Humane Hierarchy of dog training. Wherever possible, our dogs go through double-blind odor recognition trials using relevant distractor odors prior to deployment.

Learn more about how conservation detection dogs work on our blog.

Why We Do It

Our dogs bring boundless enthusiasm (and charisma) to the dirty side of data collection. Their joy (and accuracy) at finding a hard-to-find data keeps us coming back for more.

Our founder dog, Barley is a rescue. We're passionate about giving high-energy dogs the best life possible through work while providing top-notch ecological detection services to our partners and clients.

Why Dogs?

Let's be honest: there are other species whose olfactory capabilities rival dogs'. But dogs have been bred for thousands of years to collaborate closely with humans. The dogs we work with are insatiably obsessed with toys, making every day in the field feel like another day at the park for them.

Our dogs are highly motivated bio-sensors that are readily "calibrated" to new target odors. They're all-terrain, all-weather "vehicles" that are more enthusiastic about their work than the world's best intern.

Best of all, they're charismatic conservation ambassadors that happily hold down the couch in our homes.