Support Our Work

Right now, what we need most are donations to fund our field vehicle repairs. Anything you can do - whether it's simply a share on social media or a generous donation - helps a lot!

Going forward, we will also be seeking donations for crash-proof crates for the dogs. Thank you!

You Don't Have to Hire Us to Help Dogs Protect the Planet

There are many ways you can be a K9 Conservationist or support the work that we do:

  • Be a dog poop fairy:  pick up extra dog poop on your outings. You can even organize full dog poo pickup days for your community!
  • Help your dog be a trail steward: ensure that your dog is well-trained to ignore wildlife (or use a leash) and brush them down after hikes to avoid transporting the seeds of invasive plants.
  • Follow us on social media: we're @k9.conservationists on Instagram and TikTok.