When Your Dogs are Your Coworkers – And Work is Hard

In this episode of K9 Conservationists, Kayla and Marissa Martino get personal discussing the woes of conservation work when handling your emotions while working! They discuss ways to balance how you’re feeling while trying to make the job as positive as possible for your K9 partner.

Episode suggestion: Just train the dog! 

  • I think many of us can relate to being kinder to our friends and our dogs than we are to ourselves.
  • The pressure to be positive all the time, and the pressure to show up in a way that is supportive and kind and offering grace and doing the right thing by the dog – like, it is real.
  • Expectations are good, pressure is bad.
  • I thought that I was accepting my imperfections, but I actually just thought that because I’m not perfect, I can’t be a perfectionist. In my head, I thought perfectionists were perfect who didn’t realize they were perfect.
  • Does that level of thinking have a hidden assumption that both of you will arrive at perfection? 
  • Of course you can be a cheerful person who has bad days. Of course. (But not me!!!)

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