Give Bats a Break with Nate Marshall

In this episode of K9 Conservationists, Kayla and Charles speak with Nathaniel. They talk about bats, wind farms, and why you should care about the conservation of bats!

Episode suggestion: Win friends, not battles.

Call to action: Build a bat box.

What should we like about bats? 

  • They are around everywhere in multiple types of ecosystems
  • They eat insects, fruits, fish, crustaceans, and blood
  • The variation and diversity in bats is truly astonishing 
  • 1 in 5 mammals in the world is a species of bat

How many different species?

  • There are over 1400 species, the number still increasing

Are they nocturnal?

  • Not all species are! Some are, others are day dwelling
  • Same with echolocation; not all of them do it

What do they eat?

  • Mosquitos and other mosquito sized insects, which helps our ecosystem 
  • They also eat other pests, like moths
  • Fruit; they help disperse seeds
  • Nectar; they help pollinate 
  • Blood; only 3 species consume blood
  • Fish

Bats and Wind Farms

  • While wind farms are good for pollution, they are decimating migratory species, such as bats
  • Some farms are trying ways to get bats to avoid the area, or to shut down during peak migration periods
  • Various farms are working on new mitigation techniques that work better

What other threats do bats face?

  • White nose syndrome, which is a fungal infection that wakes hibernating bats 
  • They are hunted in some places for meat
  • General misinformation and fear

What can we do to help?

  • Bat boxes
    • However, they aren’t a long term solution
    • It is important to follow the research when building and placing a bat box
  • Plant trees
  • Less pesticides the better
  • Grow a garden
  • Keep water clean
  • Artificial lighting can be detrimental to bats
  • Find a local bat working group
  • Bat walks

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