Intelligent Disobedience and Cue Hierarchies with Tony Harvey

In this episode of K9 Conservationists, Kayla speaks with Tony Harvey about intelligent disobedience.

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What is intelligent disobedience?

  • When the dog goes directly against the handler’s cue in an effort to make the better or safer decision (ie. A guide dog not crossing the road when asked when there is a vehicle coming).

How do you teach this?

  • This is taught by training dogs different behaviors for different contingencies
  • A high level of reinforcement is given for these behaviors

How do you teach handlers to respond to this?

  • Many sessions with and without the dog
  • The handlers need to learn what each behavior feels like

Patreon Questions:

  1. Are there specific dog traits that make this training easier/more successful? – From Taylor
  2. Do you factor in the need for intelligent disobedience when choosing a prospect? – From Megan
  3. For different types of dog personalities, how does he approach this kind of training, and some problem-solving examples? – From Janna

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