Collaboration, Invasive Plants, and Insects with Arden from New York New Jersey Trail Conference

In this episode of K9 Conservationists, Kayla speaks with Arden from the New York New Jersey Trail Conference about her work helping build coalitions and use detection dogs to mitigate invasive insect and plant infestations.

Science Highlight: Detection dogs in nature conservation: A database on their world-wide deployment with a review on breeds used and their performance compared to other methods

Patreon Questions:

  • Megan – How did you get land managers on board?
  • Bronwen – What’s the best way to collect and store insect samples? Are there special considerations about decay?
  • Megan – What unique challenges are there to working with insect targets for detection dogs?
  • Ashley – Aside from identifying and removing invasives, what is NYNJTC doing to prevent their spread?

Links Mentioned in the Episode: Insert the Doug video

Where to find Arden:  Website | Instagram

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