Signal Detection Theory with Dr. Simon Gadbois

In this episode of K9 Conservationists, Kayla Fratt speaks with Dr. Simon Gadbois to talk about signal detection theory and his conservation work.

Discussed in this Podcast:

  • Dr. Gadbois and his work in Nova Scotia
  • What is signal detection theory?
    •  Signal detection theory is a means to measure the ability to differentiate between information-bearing patterns and random patterns that distract from the information. 
    • It has been around for a long time
    • Mostly used for physical stimuli vs olfactory stimuli 
    • It wouldn’t be useful for clear distinctions or errorless data
    • However, signal detection theory needs a clear yes or a clear no
  • What’s the potential problem with proportion or percentage correct data as performance?
  • What’s the problem with our basic lineup for training and testing detection dogs as it relates to SDT?
  • How can trainers at home put this to use with their dogs?

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Signal Detection Theory Paper

Memorial University d’ Prime Calculator

Further reading on signal detection theory:

Where to find Dr. Gadbois:

Website | Lab Facebook Page | Lab Facebook Group

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