Unusual Sniffer Dogs and Blood Tracking with Lindsay Ware

In this episode of K9 Conservationists, Kayla speaks with Lindsay Ware of Science Dogs of New England about breed selection for unique uses, big game tracking, and more!

Science Highlight: Effects of learning an increasing number of odors on olfactory learning, memory and generalization in detection dogs

  • Different dogs place different priorities that we really have to be aware of

How do you start training a dog for tracking?

  • Similar to the conservation world with hides, but instead they are mock trails using animal blood or animal hooves
  • The goal is to not be 100% realistic, but to be able to gradually increase the difficulty
  • Train alongside an experienced dog

Links Mentioned in the Episode: Last Track: Trailer – YouTubeUnited Blood TrackersTracking Dogs for Finding Wounded Deer

Where to find Lindsay Ware:  Website | Instagram | Facebook | Tracking Facebook

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